Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

As teachers to be, we are constantly challenged to not carry out the normal chalk and talk lesson. Instead we are to explore ways to make lesson interesting and engaging for the pupils. I think it is the years of spoon feeding from young I was having quite some problems when I was introduced to new methodology like cooperative learning and etc when I entered teacher training college. I am sure my teachers last time do not do things like these. But I see the point of doing it because I am the outcome of that kind of education so I do not want the next generation to be the same.

So what are the seven things that we need, to ensure a lesson engages the pupils and lead them to polish and upgrade their higher order thinking skills?

1. FUN!!!!

Having the fun elements in lessons definitely grabs the attention of the pupils. And needless to say, pupils would rather have a fun and engaging lesson rather than a boring and passive lesson.

2. Personal

Malaysian schools are often packed with around 40(max) pupils in a class. This is very bad because pupils feel like they are not special at all and it actually causes them to lack the motivation to perform well. Hence, I think the teacher should put in more effort to personalize the classroom and also try to give attention to all pupils equally.

3. Think


I think this is an important thing in life which is TO THINK! The education system has been spoon feeding the pupils all the time, causing the pupils to lack the higher order thinking skills. That is why I seriously feel that the pupils need to be taught how to think and not just follow and swallow whatever the world throws at them.

4. Assessment

This applies for both teacher and pupils. Teacher  needs to know how to self- assessed and also teach the pupils to assess themselves correctly. Most of the time the pupils assessed themselves by the As that they get but that is not the right way of assessment. They need to learn to assess themselves in a holistic manner.


Technology has become so part of our life that instead of blaming it and looking at the negative aspect, i think we should look at the positive aspect and utilized it to make the best out of it.

6. Real life learning

Learning should not be confined within the four walls of the classroom only. Instead it should be more than that and teachers are the ones who can plan and execute this kind of plans that enables the pupils to learn and glean from the environment around them.

7.  Peer learning

No man is an island. I think that quote does not sprout out of nowhere without any meaning. I believe children learn from each other without us realizing it. That is why, we should ride on this trend and encouraged peer learning.


All the 7 things listed would be of great help if we could use it in classroom. And just to add in a comment.

After using the wordpress to write my blog for the first time, I TOTALLY DISLIKE IT!!! I still prefer windows live writer where I can work freely.


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