Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


I thought of one of the commercials on coffee where the woman shouted at the guy saying: “ I WANT YOU TO TRY!!!” If I am not mistaken it is some brand of white coffee. Gosh, imagine us doing that to the kids we will teach next time. I had seen teachers doing that and I had seen the effect on the pupils. Different children have different learning styles and also intelligence. So it is wrong of us to force the children to learn according to the way we want them to learn. That is why some clever guy came out with this whole concept of personalized learning. We as teachers need to learn to cater to the different needs of the pupils.

Looking at the whole list of tools provided, I chose the tool called Storybird. I really like the tool and I even created my own e-book and published it. You can check it out because I created the book with a lesson in mind.


image I love the way they made it so easy to make an e-book. It was fun dragging the pictures around and adding in my own storyline. Although I may say it is rigid in terms of the fonts[you cannot change the fonts] but the pictures provided is cool enough to ignore that wordings.

I spent about less than an hour to come out with a 14 page story.


My lesson goes like this:

Year: 2

Proficiency: Average

Title: Who is living in that cave?

Activity: Reading lesson

This activity is suitable for while reading. The teacher divides the class into pairs for them to work together for the activity. Teacher gives out task sheets for this activity. The pupils are supposed to read and then complete the task sheet together in pairs. The task sheet contains simple comprehension questions. The pairs have to read together and complete the task sheet. The pupils are supposed to help each other with the task sheet. After they are done, the teacher asks the pupils to exchange their task sheets with other pairs. Teacher then gets the pupils to read the story together. Teacher then asks a few volunteers to come out and give the answers and discusses with the class.


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