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I want to be a MILLIONAIRE!

When we were given this task, I suddenly remember all the time that our family spent sitting in front of the television to watch this television program. Our family will try to guess the correct answer to the questions asked. Hence this game show is very much loved by my family and I. So when I looked through the templates given, I was amazed at the people who actually came out with this kind of template. Thinking about the amount of time they need to spent doing it just amazes me.

One thing I learnt while looking through the three templates is that there are good and not so good power points. I was scrutinizing the three templates and checking out which one was the best and I have to admit the third one was the most pretty well done one. When we sat down as a group to decide to use which one and I straight away recommended the third one because it is so well done that we just need to change the background and the theme to suit our needs and the rest can maintain the same.

It was definitely not an easy work to come out with templates like that but I am grateful for the people who actually did it. We then discuss on what we like to do and even changed the theme. The game show and the copyrights had been sold to Sony Pictures Television International and now we can see different versions of this game show as it is adapted according to the country that bought the rights to do the game show in their own country. Malaysia also ran the game show from 2000 to 2002. So I guess a lot of people are familiar with the game. Even board game based on the game show was released in 2000. It was fun adapting the template to suit our topic. I think it would be great fun for pupils to play too.

Looking at how some of our friends literally changed and came out with their own game based on their own topic was kind of  intimidating and it makes me wonder whether we really did a great job or not. I guess being a teacher is definitely going to be a tough job and it requires lots of patience and hard work.

So to my dear friends, are you all ready for it? It is only months away to being in the real world….. ARE YOU READY?


We were all required to feedback on our friends work. The whole feedback thing was great because it gives each one of us the opportunity to state our piece of mind instead of a group feedback. Although I think some people will complain about it but I think it was a good way to keep us focus and pay attention to the group who was presenting. It also requires us to think and be critical when we are listening to the presentation by different groups.


Comments on: "I want to be a MILLIONAIRE!" (3)

  1. It nice to know that you can critically evaluate the Ppt slide..Congrats dear. It has not been a waste for whatever we have learnt through ICT courses. Good Luck:) Anyway, to what extend do you think Ppt layout/design affect our teaching(if we use it in a lesson)?

    • Sure enough we need to evaluate the ppt slides so that it minimize the time we need to create and come out with a whole new sets of slides by ourselves. Ppt slides with good designs can be used to make the lessons more interesting and the pupils would be more interested in the learning process. On the other hand poorly done ppt slides would interrupt the flow of the lesson and the pupils might be confused and lose the interest to learn.

      • Yes, I agree, we shouldn’t underestimate things like these. When their “flow of mood for learning” is intercepted, they might as well start to do something else in the classroom. Many people say teaching is easy, but it is the other way around. Like you said in your post above, “I guess being a teacher is definitely going to be a tough job and it requires lots of patience and hard work”. We should always secure the students’ attention and interest and more importantly, whether they get to digest what we teach 😉

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