Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


This is the best homework so far which is writing about games. I personally love to play games a lot. But due to my computer problem I was not able to play games offline or downloadable games or even games like The Sims and etc. I thanked God that my eldest brother refused to fix it for me[he is a computer engineer] because if not I would be spending day and night playing those games. Looking at the theme that we need to do for this blog post, my mind started running through the games that I had played before and also the ones that I am playing now. (Most of it is short online games like games on Facebook) I realised that most of it is more suitable for girls only like Mall world, Saloon Street etc. I was thinking to recommend a game like CSI: Crime City on Facebook, but I find that the level of English and also the storyline are not really for primary kids. But if you are someone who loves CSI, I would recommend you try out the game. Although it is like most of the games where you get bored after solving a few cases because you tend to find out who is the killer when you are halfway through the case. Still I would recommend that you try it out.  (Click on the image to try it out)


After reflecting and going through the current games, I decided that it is not so useful and applicable in a lesson so I went online and search for games and guess what…..


And eventually I did not even started on the blog post. So after knocking my head and forcing myself to stop giving excuse like this game is fun and continue playing, I am down to getting this blog post up.

The game I would recommend is called Super Supper 5. (Click on the image to go and experience the game!)


First off, it tells you that you need to complete all the recipe as fast as you can. Then it will bring you into the kitchen where the cooking takes place. There is a clock ticking at the bottom so you have to bare in mind to do things quickly. There are different cooking utensils in the cupboard. (Go explore it yourself)

imageThen when you press the green arrows at the right side, it will bring you to the place full of cupboards which have food and also utensils and also a fridge(with lots of things inside) and also an oven. 

image The other side of the arrow brings you to the dining table where you placed all the dishes that you are done cooking.


Targeted learners: Year 4

Facilities: Computer lab with computers and also a projector

Language focus: Action words/verbs (slice, cook, stir, cut and etc)

Language objectives: Pupils will be able to read and follow the instructions to prepare all the dishes.

Reasons for choosing this game: Although it is not very pleasant looking and plus the animation can be improved but I like how the whole game can be used for a whole lesson. I would break it down into different stages and explain more in detail below.

For pre-teaching, I can use the game to teach them the action words by showing them the actions like cutting, chopping and stirring and lots more.

image It shows the action of chopping and also has sound effect of the chopping action.

So it would be great fun and  great teaching aid compare to the conventional picture cards and words cards.

For the production stage, the teacher gives the pupils some time to prepare all the dishes required to make a sumptuous dinner and let the pupils compete to see who can finished it the fastest.


I love this game because the teacher can actually used it to revised lots of words like the different type of food and spices.


Other than that, the teacher also can teach the utensils used for cooking purpose.

image image

All in all, I really think that it is a good game which can be used in a lesson and make learning fun instead of the “usual”  way.


Comments on: "Games!!!" (6)

  1. Hi Doreen. Yeah, it looks like we have gone through the same thing. I spent almost a day trying many games and the funnier thing is I was planning to use a cooking game too to teach action verbs but I couldn’t find the right game. However, you did, the very right one indeed. I think the students can learn name of the food and action verbs effectively through this. You criticized about the graphics but I think it served the purpose well enough. I agreed, this would be more interesting than conventional flash cards. Let’s turn new school, yah? Bravo Doreen 😀

    • Thanks Faizal… True enough that it serves the purpose well but i dont think a kid would like to play it if they were given the choice unless I create a platform where there are competition then I think the kids would consider playing it.

  2. hi doreen,

    gotcha! now i know you like to play games ..hehe 😛
    btw, never knew that games such as CSI: crime city existed! i guess i’ll try it after this. by the way, at first i thought that you wanted to use CSI gme in your class, but i guess i was wrong. you use super supper 5 which i think is more attractive than the former, with its bright and vibrant colours, i’m sure the students will love it to bits! good job girl 🙂

    • Illina… Opps… got caught… hehe… I love gaming… A LOT!!! If I am given the right computer and the time I would game the whole day. Like I said in my blog, CSI is a bit too high level for the pupils. The English level is way beyond primary level hence I opted for another game instead. Go and try it out. It would be fun….

  3. Yes, this is a very simple yet effective lesson. Though I also agree with you that the graphics can be improved, nevertheless, the game allows you to teach many things…So, KUDOS for recommending 2 awesome games! 😀

  4. wow..such a loooong explanation but one thing i found out that you are a gamez!..haha..should change to Doreen is gaming..hehe
    indetails and informative elaboration..

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