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My choice of ICT tool

After looking through the list of ICT tools provided, I choose this website called Myths and Legends. I totally love this website. I love stories and I believe in cultivating good habit of reading. This tool is excellent in helping me to spread the good news of reading.


Myths and legends

The function of this tool

This tool is like an online e-book where there is a whole collection of stories about myths and legends. I like reading stories, hence that is why this tool jumps out at me and without knowing, I spent quite some time going through a lot of stories before I realised I need to be doing the review. It is fun and exciting to read through the different stories. There are simple stories for younger readers and also stories that are for older readers. That is why this website is a cool one and I believe can be utilised to cultivate the habit of reading in the children.


I went exploring the website wanting to know the full potential of this ICT tool and I was glad to find the story creator. I was ecstatic to find this tool and I played around with it. This is an amazing tool that is very useful for us teachers and not only that I thought that this can be used to encourage the children to write stories. This tool provides so many resources for us to play with. 


The limitation of this tool

The limitations are bound by the theme of this ICT tool. This website is all about myths and legends, hence the characters and the different things provided by the story creator are mainly “very old” meaning it is more suitable for stories set in olden times.

Another limitation that I found out about this tool is that all the myths and legends happened mainly in England. I have in mind to add in some myths or legend from our part of the world. Some Asian myths and legend would be great. I can maybe encourage my pupils to add in some local myths and legends.

When can I used this tool?

Like I said earlier this tool is good for cultivating reading habit. So this tool can be used in reading lesson or listening lesson. I can definitely used it in my lessons for older pupils. Other than that, it can be set as a homework for the pupils to create a story of their own imagination, or ask the pupils to look for local myths and legend and try to put up the story using the story creator.

The user-friendliness of this tool

I totally love this website because of how good and user-friendly it is. It loads very fast(don’t know whether it is my connection speed) and there are audio recordings for the stories. The links works well and the story creator does not take ages to load. Other than that, it provides simple links and instructions which is great because it will not be too complicated for primary children to understand.


Other that that I love the resources that the author allocates for teachers!!! I feel so grateful to the creator of the website for being so thoughtful for teachers!

image Suitable for which standard?

This tool  is more suitable for older children maybe 10 and above. I would used it for younger ones if they are computer literate and if they already have a better command of the language.


Overall I give this tool a 5 star rating because of the many advantages and benefits it provide for teachers and pupils alike. I definitely will try using this tool in my teaching next time!


Comments on: "My choice of ICT tool" (4)

  1. Doreen dear thanks a lot for the wonderful review..Now I know that this tool can be used for upper primary…and very true that this tool can help the kids to improve their imagination.

  2. Haha, we did the same review…yes i agree that the limitation of the game is the theme, otherwise, we can do so many things with the tool. I also love the part where they have teacher resources, which is just apt for us, teachers!

    • So true, Caryn. But I think a lot can be done through this one theme itself and I think it is up to us teachers to explore and exploit the tool to the best that we can.

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