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Gosh… it has been quite awhile since I saw this diagram again. But I should say that our previous ICT class has been quite successful because I can remember the basic principles of TPACK until now. It has been ingrained into my head and it comes naturally now when I think of preparing a lesson. Hence, a big salute goes to all the ICT lecturers who taught us in the previous semesters! 800px-Female_officer_saluting

What is TPACK? TPACK is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

From what I understand is the integration of all three: Technological, Pedagogical and content knowledge into a lesson. That is why I love the diagram so much. It is easier to understand looking at the diagram rather than reading whole chucks of information from the internet and getting confused over who says what. The importance of knowing what is TPACK is so that we can be an effective teacher in the 21st century where everything is related to technology.

Due to the restrictions of using ICT in my school during practicum, I still try my best to integrate ICT using the resource that I have which is my partner’s laptop and my speakers. [I own a computer so that is why I cannot carry it around. So I am really grateful towards my partner who lend me her laptop whenever I need it.]

This lesson is carried out with my Year 1 pupils. Because there are lots of pupils who come from Malay speaking background, I had to plan my lessons to suit their level of proficiency.


The topic of my lesson is: ABOUT MY BODY

Technology Knowledge:

I used laptop and speakers for the lesson and the rest of the teaching aids are posters, hand bands and also task sheets which I also used the computer at home to prepare.

Pedagogy knowledge:

Pedagogy would be the flow of my lesson.

Set induction: Fix the boy game

Presentation: Teaching using flash cards and TPR method(Total Physical Response)

Practice: Sing song and do actions

Production: Match the correct pictures and make simple sentences with guidance.

Content knowledge:

The language focus of the day is verbs. [walk, play, run, jump, hop]

So here is my lesson and my explanation on how I actually integrate TPACK  in my classroom.

I started off with set induction where I played a game with them called “Fix the Boy”. I put up a poster of a boy with missing body parts and the children have to “fix” him by sticking the correct body part to the poster.


Pedagogy knowledge —> Content knowledge: In this stage I used the pedagogy knowledge that I know which is recalling using game instead of the conventional way of asking “So what did I teach you last lesson?” I used this game to get them to recall the body parts that they had learnt previously.

Technology knowledge —> Pedagogy knowledge —> Content knowledge: How I integrate all the three is how I used computer to split out the body parts and printing it out piece by piece and put blu tag behind so that the pupils can stick it on the poster. Through the technology and pedagogy knowledge I was able to extract the content knowledge that I taught the pupils the week before. 

Due to restrictions by wordpress, I am not allowed to post the song. So sorry… I can tell you the song title and if you are interested to get it can email me. The title is called “Da da da” by Cyndi Wang. She is a chinese singer from Taiwan.

In the practice stage I used the instrumental song for the pupils to practice the verbs that I taught them in the presentation stage. I looked for the instrumental of a Chinese song and used Audiocity to loop the parts that I want to repeat so that the pupils can have fun singing and acting out the actions.


Walk, walk, walk

I walk with my legs.

Walk, walk, walk.


Play, play, play,

I play with my legs.

Play, play, play.


Run, run, run,

I run with my legs.

Run, run, run.


Jump, jump, jump,

I jump with my legs.

Jump, jump, jump.

Hop, hop, hop,

I hop with my legs.

Hop, hop, hop.

Pedagogy knowledge —> Content knowledge: I am taught to make a lesson as interesting as possible. Learning can be done in so many ways. It does not have to be reading from the textbook all the time. So this time I integrated song into the lesson. I put all the content into the song hoping that they can learn the content knowledge through the song which they did because they had no problems during the production stage.

Technology knowledge —> Pedagogy knowledge —> Content knowledge: I integrated all of the three content into this stage of the lesson so that the pupils can gain the content and also have fun in the process of gaining the content. By using the technology available I can make teaching more interesting compare to the old conventional way. With the enhancement of my teaching, the content can then be easily absorbed by the pupils. So the technology actually benefit both the teachers and the pupils.

So that in the end I would say that why different individuals or groups are researching and coming up with better ways to educate the children is to benefit both the teacher and the children. Technology is already part of our lives, we cannot ignore its existence. We cannot say it is too complicated and time consuming so we should abandon it. We are clever human who had advanced to such a level, hence as teachers we should not think of how time consuming it will be but we should think of how we can minimise the time consuming part, NOT THE TEACHING itself. So let us work harder for the future of our next generation!!!



Comments on: "PACK IT ALL UP???" (6)

  1. Good job dear. A well explained post!! I really agree with you about the influence of ICT lesson on us.:) Anyway girl, I realized that you have really planned an interesting lesson for you pupils. I am sure they would have enjoyed the lesson.:) I really like the game you carried out during the set induction part. It shows that the pupils had to recall on the names of the body parts. As a whole, you have done a good job girl in integrating technology in your lesson even though you had to face a lot of problems. Well done girl.:)

  2. Interesting discussion. What I like here is you make use of ICT in your teaching even if it is complicated sometimes. I like the point that ICT is part of our lives. I would say it is a very good tool in helping us to deliver content knowledge.

    • I know it is had to obtain the tools to integrate ICT in classrooms but we teachers just have to be like magicians, who can always come out with surprises to surprise our kids.

  3. The fact that you integrated Chinese song into English language learning is awesome. I think you only took the instrumental right? Anyways, we do know that languages are universal. Thus, using another language does at a point help the learning of another song. But, what I want to say is that, you managed to adapt the Chinese song and create an English song based on the Chinese song is truly commendable!

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