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My TOP TEN wish list

5302 I wish… I wish…I wish that the world will be a better place…

Living in a world where technology cannot be separated from our daily lives, I feel that teaching too must be incorporated with technology. I was reading an article which I cannot exactly remember the title in one of the issues in Reader’s Digest that talks about somebody who started a blog. He starts by posting about one awesome observation a day on his blog call the  After I read about that article, I thought about it hard. People were flocking to read his blog. Why? I guess we are so caught up in the busy-ness of life and living in the 21st century kind of make us feel suffocated and to some serious case would be depression. The blogger was great in listing out simple things that actually makes us feel that there are still good things happening in our lives. One of the example was “When your taxi driver knows all the best shortcuts.” I can identify with that cause I do take taxis all the time because I do not own a car.

So what does this has to do with my entry for today?

ist2_1798079-suffocationWhen I read the book on the smart school road map, I had the same feeling of suffocation. All this ICT stuff makes me feel overwhelmed at times. So I am reminded of the blog about the awesome things and the principle of thinking positive and finding happiness in simple things jumps out at me.

So what is my top ten wish list for the future of education in Malaysia?

10. Lessons will be in 3-D classrooms equipped with good sound systems =)  

HAHAHA….. I know it sounds crazy but I guessed I am too influenced by movies like Minority Reports, G.I Joes and etc that I really like to think that technology will advanced to that kind of level that I can have lessons using simulations and 3-D effect. Lessons would be so fun and interesting. Sounds crazy? That is why it is Number 10 on the list. =)

9. Technology savvy educators.


Educators who wants to educate the next generation need to be fully equipped before they are able to equip the pupils they are teaching. After the three month practicum, this belief became more and more stronger. Teachers need to be open to the new changes that are happening so rapidly in the world nowadays. We really cannot afford to be outdated.

8. Educate the parents TOO!!!

Parents are great influence over the education of the children. If parents themselves do not believe in using ICT in education then it will be hard for the teachers to spread the good news of using ICT.

7. Enhancing teaching aids using ICT

The technology is invented to be used. That is why we, as teachers should fully utilised the technology to our own benefits. We are taught of ways of using ICT to make lessons more interesting. But the problem would be the time spent to do it. That is why I wished that the education ministry will find ways to make learning more fun. Maybe develop softwares to enhance learning. My wish is that next time pupils do not need to carry huge and countless textbooks to school. Seeing them bending under the weight of their school bags makes me feel like asking them not to bring textbooks to school anymore. This actually overlaps with my next point which is e-learning.

6. Push for e-learning platform

I wished one day that homework can be done and sent online through emails. This would save the time having to collect the homework plus it saves the trees because we do not used exercise books or textbooks anymore. E-learning’s potential has not been explore to the maximum yet. In Malaysia, the potential is still slowly being discover. Teachers can also save time marking the homework because it is much easier doing it on computer.

5. Fully equipped classroom

This would mean that the classroom has everything from LCD projector, computer, speakers, smart board, to printers. It would really be a great if this wish comes true. This can really lessen the teacher’s burden and it also benefits the children too.

4. Good internet connection


Our country’s internet connection is still very slow compare to the connections in developed countries. Having good internet connection enables teachers to be able to get tons of resources that are available online. Not only that, teachers can used this advantage to show children the endless knowledge that is available online without the need to actually bring them out of the classroom.

3. Good maintenance of the ICT in schools

Getting technicians to do regular check-ups and help update the latest software will definitely be a good move because the problems encountered frequently in schools are the ICT equipments are not functioning well. If a school is equipped with the best technology but no one is in charge of maintaining it then maybe by the end of the first month, all the equipments will be “hospitalised”  already.

2. Computer labs


A well-equipped computer labs with enough computers for all children in a class will surely be great for teachers and children alike. Letting the pupils have hands-on opportunity is better than teachers standing in front and doing it all by themselves.

1. Every teacher be given a personal laptop

Teachers must first own the tool before they can use it to enhance their teaching. Giving each teacher a laptop will indirectly encourage the teachers to come out with better teaching aids to enhance teaching. Plus, the laptop can be used to do administrative things which saves a lot of time compare to writing it out on papers.

NAH….. There goes my wish list. I hope it will not be just wishes. I hope I will be able to make it come true. I will try my best to get the funds to do it because the questions raised would constantly be about money.



Doreen Lim Shi Jun


Comments on: "My TOP TEN wish list" (2)

  1. Lessons will be in 3-D classrooms equipped with good sound systems

    I’m totally rooting for this.
    Absolutely! 3-D classroom is way to go if you want much more exciting lessons to be conducted and this will totally take learning to a whole new level just like when we watch 3D cinema.

    • haha… That would be awesome right Caryn!!!! 3-D man… Then the kids and me will also be having lots of fun!!!!!

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