Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Gosh… It has been a year since I blog about anything… I guess life has caught up me and the idea of blogging is totally thrown right to the back of my mind. But again, there are always instances that get us to blog again. Although reluctant but just like I know how important it is to constantly reflect on my life and especially on my journey to be a teacher.

My friend and I was posted to a school in Damansara Jaya. The school is called SK Damansara Jaya 1. When I heard about the school I thought it would be a big school with lots of pupils and also good facilities but I was proven wrong the first time I stepped into the school.

The school consist of over 200 plus pupils only and about 30 over teachers. I was kind of surprised because I thought it was a school in urban area and it would have lots of pupils. But I was glad that it was a small school because we got lots of care from the teachers and also the pupils were simple and humble and nice to mingle with.

DSCN0351 This is the Year 1 pupils whom I taught English for 3 months. The class has 21 pupils. There are lots of pupils who came from poorer backgrounds and there are pupils who cannot really speak English. But the English teacher who is currently teaching them is a very experienced teacher who worked hard to help them. So basically I had few problems with this class except naughty ones who do disrupt the class once in awhile. But it had been a great and memorable experience that I would never forget.

DSCN0319This is the Year 3 pupils whom I taught Science. This is the class that gave me the most headaches. Most of the pupils in this class struggle with the English language hence teaching Science in English is really taxing for me. I have to spend lots of time to get them to remember the science terms in English. It takes longer time to explain a simple science concept. But I learnt to brush up my Bahasa Malaysia so as to use them during my explanations so that it makes them understand the concept better.DSCN0336This is my Year 5 pupils whom I taught Science too. I didn’t have a lot of problem teaching this class because most of them are quite good. I get to use the LCD and show them video.

The school has a few LCD projectors but not each of it is working and apart from that, there were another two teacher trainee from IPBA so I rarely used the projector apart from the one in the science lab.

I love using videos and music as part of my teaching. During one of the lesson for my Year 1 kids I used a video as part of my teaching aid to teach the days of the week.

I had to use the laptop and speakers to play the video and I had to put it high up for all the pupils to see because I could not get a projector. After all the pupils watched the video, I taught them to dance to the song so that they can remember better. It was an awesome lesson..

Another experience with using ICT in class is playing music. I looked for an instrumental song and modified it to suit my lesson. I used the instrumental piece of the London bridge song and changed the lyrics to suit the topic of my lesson which is shapes.

What shapes do you like?

Father likes a blue, blue rectangle,

Blue, blue rectangle,

Blue, blue rectangle,

Father likes a blue, blue rectangle,

A small blue rectangle.

Mother likes red, red square,

Red, red square,

Red, red square,

Mother likes red, red square,

A big red square.

Brother likes a green, green triangle,

Green, green triangle,

Green, green triangle,

Brother likes a green, green triangle,

A big green triangle.

Sister like a yellow, yellow circle,

Yellow, yellow circle,

Yellow, yellow circle,

Sister like a yellow, yellow circle,

A small yellow circle.

The kids were singing non stop and asked me to play it again. But I could not do it again because of time constraint and I was under observation so I could not used up more time for the pupils to sing again. So it was kind of sad but I learnt that my kids really like songs hence it inspire me to use more songs in my lessons.

Another instances of using ICT is during my Science lesson. I love showing them pictures and also videos because it expands their knowledge. One of the video I used was about planets and stars in comparison for the Year 5 science lesson.

I showed the video when they were learning about the moon and also the constellations. This shows them that they live in Earth which is quite small in comparison with the other planets and stars. We had real fun when watching and discussing about this topic.

One thing I learnt is that ICT really can do wonders and is really a great teaching aid if the facilities are prepared well. But there are also lots of problems faced by teachers nowadays which are quite common. Firstly there are no such facilities available in school. Secondly, there is such kind of facilities but it is not working. Thirdly, the limited amount of LCD projectors limit the opportunities of teachers using it in lessons.

All in all, I felt the duration of putting us in schools for practicum should be longer as the time for us to practice and get used to teaching is not enough. I really had a great experience in the school and I learnt a lot from the teachers and also from my supervisors. I pray that I will be one good teacher next time.  =)


Comments on: "My little journey of discovery…" (4)

  1. hiiiiiiiiiiii doreeeeeeennnnnnn…. okay my question is “will you use ICT in your classroom in the future?” and which one is more handsome? me or johnny depp? okay that’s all thank you… see u again ^_^

    • Yes, I will definately use ICT in my classroom if the circumstances allow me to. And Hayat…. Not “which one”, it is supposed to be “Who is more handsome?” Because you are a person, not a thing. And I think both of you have different kind of charm but I will definately choose Johnny Depp. =p

  2. Dear bloomingness…surely you’re blooming great and as a teacher too…I can really feel and see your effort that you have put in…those who cannot, “they are BLIND”

    you didn’t teach for the sake of your grades but you really put in your heart and everything to really make lesson fun and interesting for the pupils…like the hats, they may seem simple but i knew how long it took you to make and decorate….and most importantly is the heart that you put into making them…

    so this is what matters the MOST!

    So, regardless of everything or anything, don’t give up. keep this passion as I have witnessed today and continue to strive… I believe you can, Adios! 😀

    • Thanks Caryn… =) I guess I really love seeing the smiles on their faces everytime I do a good lesson and have fun with them. That is why I go the extra miles to make it better. You also make quite a lot of effort!!! We all see it because we are housemates!!! =) I believe you will be a great and fun teaher too…

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