Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Even before I start blogging in this entry, I went and read some of the entries done by my friends. Guess what? Everybody is saying goodbye and it is as if they are saying their last words. And in my head I was thinking: “Is this the LAST?”

I don’t think so! I think this is the start of a real, true and enriching journey……WAIT!!! I guess I need to answers the questions before I go ranting about something else. So this E-portfolio thingy is the ‘in’ thing now! This is a platform where we learn, share and have fun together in the process of learning. So did I learn from this part of the journey? YES!!! OF COURSE! The journey never stops but it is my decision whether I want to learn while I am on this journey. This e-portfolio actually shaped my thoughts into more mature and more reflective. I feel that through this journey of penning down my thoughts I learnt to think more like a teacher. I learnt to think about what will be best for my pupils next time. I learnt to explore things that I would not explore last time. Although mostly it was because we were kind of force to but the outcome was what surprises me. Because of this e-portfolio thing, I would spend time exploring software and looking for things to put in my portfolio. I feel that this e-portfolio also serves as a place where I can keep my thoughts and ideas.

This will also serve as a reminder next time when I become a teacher. It is a place where I set some standards for my future profession.

It is also a place where I can keep myself accountable! I know I am going to be a teacher next time, but what kind of teacher will I be? This is the place where I set my standards and my ideal classroom, just like setting a goal in life and when I become a teacher next time I will know whether am I working towards being a great teacher or not.

Like I said earlier, this won’t be the end. The real journey has just begun. We won’t be force to pen down our thoughts and the process of our learning anymore. That is why I say the real journey has just begun. Will we stop here? I hope all of us won’t. I hope this will continue on as a place where we encourage each other to not stop learning and to encourage each other to be great teachers!

Learning is a life-long process….. So let us continue to learn!

Here is some pictures from the last class!

Prof. RM is giving TIPS!!!


Friends who keep me going even when times I feel like giving up!

 A pic with tutors who poured their hard work into grooming us to be great teachers!


Friends who had worked together with me! Great partners who helped me when some choose to forsake me.

All in all, I don’t think this will be my last entry! I LOVE COHORT 4!!!!


Comments on: "A ‘SAYONARA-さよなら’ entry???" (3)

  1. I agree doreen this is not the end but a start to apply what we have learnt from this course..

  2. siti nur asmah said:

    Even this space ends officially for this semester, but it is actually "a start of something new" for us. Hehehehe (^_^)

  3. This portfolio is definitely a place for us to keep and treasure our blog that was updated practically every week. This is really good as we can always look through it again and recall back what we have learned for that week. Thanks to blog again~

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