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Call the COPs… Part 2

Setting up COP is definitely not easy. There are lots of factors that need to be taken into considerations.

Firstly, let us look into the platform that I think is suitable to be used in COP.

I would definitely go for classrooms. But I was thinking what kind of classrooms would be a great place for COP.

  Classroom with group sitting?

High-tech classroom?


Something like this? Which is the integration of all?

But I was thinking in terms of Malaysian context it might not be applicable. So I was thinking in line of very light tables and chairs that can be easily moved around. Then when it is time to do group work, the pupils can just turn their tables and chairs. Computers can be lined up at the side just like the third pictures. But it has to be more than the amount we see above. Maybe 10? I want the tables and chairs to be easily moved so that lots of activities can be done. Like reading time, dramatization, games and also lots of other things. Having flexibility will help us teacher to be able to do more activities that will benefit the children. The flexibility factor also encourages more creativity instead of rigidity. COP is about communicating and learning together, hence I feel that a good classroom setting can help the children to interact better.

Moving on to the activities…

I will go for group works! This is because having the kids to work in groups, they will then have more opportunities to work together and interact more and through the interaction, learn form each other.


Assigning projects can also get the children to work together.


Gardening project                            Making Things Project                       Making T-shirt project




Then what about sustaining?

Sustaining requires 

I mean the teachers and also the administrators! They need to be discipline to follow through the program even it means more effort is needed. And to follow through and monitor the children’s progress constantly. I feel teachers need to be concern about the children. Not as just kids and from class 2 Bestari or whatsoever but as important individuals that is worth for us to spend the time!


Another way is to involve the parents. We always forget about them but when the kids are acting weird and naughty then we push the blame unto the parents. Hence, the cooperation between teachers and parents are crucial for the children’s education.


We need to work hand in hand with the parents to ensure that the parents are aware of their children’s progress and what are the problems and try to work things out together.

Apart from that, a teacher needs people of the same mind to be able to communicate and also express their concerns so that the group of people can support the teacher.


So that is what I think and dream that COP will be done in my future classroom! Let us pray that by the time we go out to teach, teachers will have more power to make things happen in classrooms!


Comments on: "Call the COPs… Part 2" (2)

  1. ~WOW~!!! This is really great. It will be very fun to join your classroom. True, sustaining COP requires discipline and determination as well as involving all people. All must gather and cooperate to make it successful. Let\’s gambate together!

  2. I really like the gardening projects as it is something really different and it has a hidden message in which it states that we should love and care for the environment. this is a good moral value that we should incorporate to the pupils.=)

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