Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Call the COP…… Haha… The phrase just came. *Just laugh*

I really learnt a lot this semester through the method of COP. One thing I learnt about is shared learning. We are constantly learning from each other in the class and also through online networking like our windows live and also our blog. One instant was I saw the avatar in Caryn’s blog and I ask her where did she get from but she cannot remember so I decided to just simply type and search online. After a few hours trying to find a nice one, I gave up. I did one Yahoo avatar but it cannot be used in other places so I was quite angry because I wasted quite a lot of time trying to make it. So after that I did not get the avatar thing done. But that was once instance that I was learning from somebody’s else blog. [Opps… After writing this, I felt like doing the avatar again and went off to explore again and guess what I spent soooo much time on it,, by the time I finished it was like 1am in the morning. So I saved this blog and went to sleep. LOL]

Another instance is getting my friend Choo to  help me with the voice over for the video I made. It was very funny since it was our first time doing things like that and we laughed at each other’s voice and intonation. But it was super fun working with each other to make the video.

Then there is also Caryn and Jong who were in the same team in doing the video kit,


I am thankful that there is a whole bunch of us staying together in a house because we can keep each other on track! I feel that my own house is a COP already because we are constantly learning from each other in terms of studies and also other things. My nice friend, Bee Guat is the one who will always remind me to do my reflection!!! Thanks to her, I am able to finish my reflection before the next week’s class. My room mate, JONG will also remind me. Living in a house full with 8 girls is not an easy thing. It builds character and attitude too!

Housemates for more than 4 years….. We study together, eat together and have crazy and fun times together!!!!

Then there is the Cohort 4 family…..

LOL…. Those were the days where everyone is innocent and slim!!!! HAHAHA…..

How we help each other cannot be explain in words. I guess all the lecturers can see how we love the Cohort family! We ask for extension and we agree on most of the things! We comment on each others’ blog and we had fun even out of the class context! We are on facebook and we comment and joke about soooo much…. This is a family that I love!!!! I can’t think of the days in UM without them together! They are part of the driving force to finish up assignments!


Comments on: "Call the COPs….. Part 1…." (1)

  1. yes doreen…COP does not only happen within a classroom or in a study group but even among our own friends…without the help of their ideas and motivation, i wouldnt have completed ma assignments succesfully…despite, all the problems we faced 2gether, Cop does put us all together…hehe….nice.

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