Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


After looking through some of the websites recommended by Dr Chin I was seriously impress by TV pendidikan. I didn’t know something like these exist. And the videos are done quite well. The actors and actresses speaks good and fluent English. After exploring I would say that it is something fun to watch and the videos are very educating. One thing that I feel is that the videos are not downloadable. It is easier if it is downloadable so that we as teachers can use it whenever we want. But because it is not downloadable teachers need to have internet access before they are able to use the video. One thing is we have to consider that not every school has wifi ever ready for teachers to use. That is one disadvantage about TV pendidikan. Maybe the government wants to protect the copyright so that is why they do it that way.  Hence we cannot say much about it.

The videos can be used in our teaching lessons as long as it is relevant. It is fun to watch as it is in Malaysian context. The kids are all very fluent in English which can be a good motivation for the pupils who watch the videos. But on the other hand, some of the pupils who are not yet competent enough in their English will face some problems in understanding and following the progress.

All in all I feel the TV pendidikan is a very good resource for us to use in the classroom and it is accessible as long as there is internet access available. I find it is very educating and even fun for adults to watch. The song and also the embedded curriculum of loving our own country is sooooo good… This is one good way of teaching the children about patriotism.


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