Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

After being told that we had to do justification on why we edit or did not edit the video, my mind was racing with the questions and why actually I did not edit the video. I was clear as to why I did not do the editing. One of the comments given was about the background sound being too loud. But that could not be help since that was the softest it can be when inserted in goanimate. There were choices whether how loud we can put it and I already put it as the softest because I wanted a background sound so that the video and the conversations would not seemed boring. And taking out the background music would make it feel void and dull that is why I decided to retain the background music.

Another comment I got was about the voiceovers by the characters. I know it wasn’t perfect but to do it again takes up lots of time and it is not only one character so getting the people to do the voiceovers again requires other people’s time. Hence, I decided to not do it over again because I do not want to burden other people to help me again because everyone else has other things to do too.

Another comment I got was about the font colour. I used other colours like red, lime green and also bright purple because white and black just won’t work. I tried it a few times that is why I decided to use other colours instead of white and black. That is why I did not changed it too.

Overall, I would be honest to say that I wasn’t willing to edit the video again because it takes up a lot of time and it was some minor errors here and there that is why I decided to not do any changes. I know it would just sound like an excuse but considering other assignments on hand, I decided to leave it as it is.


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