Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

wow… The end came so fast…. I was so happy that everything was done and the assignment was finally passed up. So let us look at the night before the day of submission.


Haha…. Look at all the hardworking ladies….


Thanks to Caryn who came out with the whole idea of the ‘Wonders Production’ and the Children’s Rhapsody! Isn’t it cool? She is super creative with this. *Standing Ovation* Caryn is super creative and she is good at all these things. The box looks so nice that you can’t wait to open and explore the thing inside right?


Next, this is my manual and the game kit! I simply love the cartoons and thanks to Microsoft office clip art online for providing so cute images!


Last but not least, THE POSTER! It looks a bit crumpled because we had to roll it up to be able to put it in together with the box.

That also marks the end of the whole production period of the video kit!

I find the whole experience something that is hard to explain. It was so much fun doing the thing and yet I can’t deny the times of complains and also some small quarrel because of different opinions. Hence I could only use one word to explain the whole experience which is ‘PRICELESS’. I learnt that it is not that hard to try to make something to use in the classroom. I know it may be time-consuming but the result is priceless. So I am happy everything is done!


Comments on: "The End.….. of Video KIT!" (3)

  1. hey gal, when you took our photos..hehe… good job gal..and the poster looks nice…:)

  2. is hard to explain or too long to explain? ~.~

  3. Haha, that\’s not only my creativity…all the group members contribute, especially Jong and you too. I am especially proud of the poster you did…It was really heaps more than expected given the time constraints! Loving it!One more, luckily my room was not as messy in the photo! (great photo taking skills)=D

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