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How IDEAL is ideal?

Ideal? That is one tough question that really got me thinking hard and long. This is one thing that I never thought of. I mean I thought of what kind of a teacher I will want to be but about the whole ideal classroom was never in my mind before.

I think in terms of physical space I will want very spacious classrooms where I can do lots of activities. I find that one big and real problem I encounter before is planning very nice and interesting activities but cannot carry it out because of the space constraint. We were also taught that children loose attention fast thus we had been taught to think of ways to capture their attention and also do more variety of activities. But in reality, we cannot do many activities that require the children to move around because of the small classroom in our country. I would love to have spacious classroom with a nice reading corner because I really believe in reading. I know all of these require lots of resources but these are the things that will help to develop the children. Education is not free like what the government says. Education comes with a price. Books are not free, they need to be bought with money. Instead of using the tax payers money to do unnecessary things, I feel the government should invest more into education. I want the environment to be a different one. I don’t want my classroom to feel like a stress room where children will feel stress when they step in. I want them to feel comfortable. Comfortable to share their thoughts and also comfortable to learn. I agree with the abolishment of UPSR and PMR. I feel the standardised tests have really destroy the children of this nation. They should be encourage to learn and grow in whatever that they are talented in. We all have different multiple intelligences, hence I felt the children should not be force to be what they are not born to be. My ideal classroom would be totally different from the current classroom. Totally equipped with technology yet not losing the homely and comfortable touch.

I am taught and equipped with technology and also all the methodology of how to teach and I guess that will be what I will use to enhance my teaching process. If standardised assessment is abolished then teachers are going to have lots more to do and more burden to carry but I believe that as long as someone is  passionate about teaching then it would not be a problem then. And talking about how I would empower my pupils… I think I would observe them carefully and take note of their different learning styles and also their intelligences. I love analysing people around me and I think I would do that to my pupils too. I feel it is something good because knowing their strength and weakness can help me to be able to help them to improve their weaknesses. 

In terms of resources, I will keep lots of resources at hand that I can use anytime I want. I think I would source from the internet a lot because I know that there a vast of resources in the internet. Through my experiences of visiting teachers’ house, i find that their house are always filled with books. I think I would buy a hard disk with one terabyte of hard disk space and filled it with resources so that I can have access to it anytime and anywhere. I will also have those nice and modern book racks that we see in Ikea catalogue and keep all my teaching aids in order. I think I will have a room called ‘RESOURCES’ where I will put all my teaching aids and it will be a place for me to work and develop resources. *Day- Dreaming of my future house LOL*

After talking and crapping a lot of how I want my ideal classroom to be and how I will do it, it now comes down to what kind of support to make it happen. First thing is definitely new policy to change and improve the education system. Other than that is to have lots of money to get all the resources.

Managing the classroom? It is something that requires lots of discipline. Discipline to do the things that are important and also to do report and to put more effort in educating the children. I will do it with lots of discipline and also love. That is important elements in educating the children. *My own opinion* I can say all I want here but I can definitely say that I am not there yet but I am in the midst of changing and I am sure I will be teacher that can make a difference in at least one life!


Comments on: "How IDEAL is ideal?" (2)

  1. can say all I want here but I can definitely say that I am not there yet but I am in the midst of changing and I am sure I will be teacher that can make a difference in at least one life! — To be able to acknowledge that is great as your self-realisation will make your visual ideas into life. Remember:“The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”

  2. thanks miss ng for the encouragement. Yup, I agree on the last statement. The only thing stopping me now is being discipline enough to do my work and review other people\’s work. But am getting there…..

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