Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Yesterday was kinda tiring since everyone need to redo the assessment outline and other things that had happened. We were given time to work on our video kit and ask any questions if we had any. Some were very hardworking and anxious about their progress while some are just calm and cool.
  Some super hardworking people….. But are they working on their video kit? Or facebook? LOL…..

Some were fooling around!!!! Hahaha….. Rina, you are super dorky!!!!


This two seemed like they are discussing something very important!!!

Then is the boring talk that we are required to attend. When it gets boring, you get………………..



These was the only reason that got me through the boring talk. Haha… watching them sleeping is such a funny sight!

Then after the talk, we went to take a break before going for another class. And the place was……………….

YUM… YUM… This was tea break+ dinner. Was too full so I decided to ta pao the burger……

So all in all, it was quite an interesting Wednesday!


Comments on: "Another interesting WEDNESDAY!" (3)

  1. Interesting observations, good story to tell. Glad you found something useful to do during the audit taklimat. Hmmm did you complete your video kit.

  2. haha.. yes mdm. I am nearly done. Left a bit of the brochure to go and I am done.

  3. it was really an interesting wednesday..esp the kfc..yummy yummy!

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