Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


Haiz…… Finally got into my space…. Took me half an hour to get in here. I don’t know why I can’t get in but anyway I am in at last.
Giving honest feedback is not very easy. We are to pinpoint the problem and praise the good ideas by other people. Praising is easy since everyone can just say: "YES! GOOD VIDEO! GREAT! NICE!" But pinpointing the problem is something hard. Nobody likes to do that. Everyone likes to be nice to people and not offend that person. But I know pinpointing helps to build a person if it is done in a good way. Pinpoint helps the person to see the mistakes and improve it.. So I don’t understand when people are afraid of pinpointing people’s work. Some people are super ego and prideful that they cannot take it when people pinpoint their works. Some humble people would take it in stride and make the necessary changes.
I felt that all through the process of giving feedback, I felt uneasy. One part of me feel like just giving the surface comments and giving praises only and not wanting to pinpoint the problems. But another part of me is tearing at me asking me to be honest. So I spent quite some time on just giving feedback. I know it is not easy. I even found out later that some people eventually asked around to find out who is VIVA1109. THAT IS ME!!!! I guess the reason they do that is because they want to know who give that kind of feedbacks. But I have learnt that if you are not honest to a person then that person is not your friend. I never want to be somebody who are fake and make fake friends. Being friends mean that I can be honest with you and you will not get angry at me for being honest. I don’t mind what other people say, if you cannot take my honest comments and feedback, it does not bothers me. I want to help my friends to improve. If any of you who are not satisfied with the comments I give and find that I am being bias then tell me and correct me.
The one thing I always knew was sometimes the truth comes hurt. [One nice quote from LION KING] It is not always like what we wanted but it is the TRUTH! 
I thanked the people who commented honestly for my video. Thanks for being an honest friend!
I knew there were mistakes in my video from the comments that I have gotten. So here goes the list of things that I need to improve on:
-The fonts
-The voice overs
-The background music

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