Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


Is Priya listening or day-dreaming? Hahaha… Look at Fendy, so captivated by what Mdm Sakina is teaching . =) LOL….

This is Mdm Sakina in the las MLearning lecture. She was so dedicated and ready with what she is going to present. Like the feeling of learning in the class. I don’t feel lost when I am in her class. She knows for sure what she is going to do next. This helps us the students to be absorb in her teaching and follow her through the class. This is one characteristics that I will bear in mind when I become a teacher next time. I want to be sure of what I am doing so that my pupils will not be lost halfway through the lesson.


Comments on: "Randomness…." (4)

  1. She knows for sure what she is going to do next. —- Examples?

  2. Meaning that she did the voting system thing. And half way through, she asked to look at the questions. The lesson is well-planned. She is sure that half-way through the lesson she needs to look at the questions and show video and stuff like that!

  3. Yikes! Just saw this pictures….hahaha…caught in action! Thanks for the comment…have not been in front of a class for quite a while!

  4. yes very true indeed…she is a great lecterur…very organized and well planned….it was as if it was planned years ago…..really enjoyed her class and learnt a lot..goin to miss you ma\’am.

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