Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Ideas spark at the moment!!!

Had a light bulb moment just now and I got an idea how to add the fun element to my supporting material.

It will be a barter trade game to gather the information needed to solve the puzzle. It will be fun since I played it before too. The game will also challenge the children to problem solving. Haha… killing two birds with one stone!!!! Am fired up to do it right now. =)

PS: To all the people who commented on my video. Thanks a lot! I am going to redo it and see if I can make it a better one.


Comments on: "Ideas spark at the moment!!!" (3)

  1. Great, you have come up with another creative idea!! Looking forward of the process of developing it in the TRILOGY entries series to show competecy development.

  2. Great to hear this. I am looking forward to your new video and you kit. Gambate-ne=D

  3. I\’m impressed, you see our brain is capable of producing brilliant ideas, just need to push it and to polish it.

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