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aM i Learning?

LOL… Tried to have fun while I explore the different softwares recommended by the lecturer. Last wednesday, I felt so outdated when I was in the lecture. I agree that we are being stamped as digital natives and as the lecturer went on on about mobile this and mobile that, I was thinking, "I am sorry I see how good and great is Mlearning but I don’t have a phone with even the basic thing called bluetooth." So I was trying to catch up and learn everthing. I know I might not have the tools to do it but there are other ways and I can learn by watching other people do it. I need to remind myself not to shut down since I do not have the tools because I know and I am aware that I would be facing the digital natives the moment I start my teaching profession. I do not want my pupils to be bored of learning the traditional ways. Learning is a life-long process so I am stepping up to face the challenge. =)
So I went to explore the one thing that caught my attention during the lecture. E-BOOK! Hahaha.. I love reading but the thing is books are super expensive in Malaysia espeacially imported books. Hence when I knew of e-book I went and seach for the books that I want to read. The first e-book I ever read is Harry Potter. I had the whole collection, thanks to someone who sent it to me. =) [Obviously I cant let you know who is that] So I went and explore the few websites that are given but there is one that I particularly like.

It compiles quite a lot of audio book. I download a few to listen. But some are not downloadable, it willconnect online and can listen to it straight. I was listening to one of Grimm Brothers book and the narrator was very expressive and it was fun listening to it. But one thing I would like to say is I still prefer reading than listening to the audio ebook. I feel it kinda limits the imagination. Why I say so is because the narrator narrates it the way she interpretes it and it influence the listener, hence limiting the imagination.
The other website is something that I like. It is ebook. The thing is I cannot find my favourite author and her books in the website but I did not end up with nothing. I downloaded a few books. One thing is that the downloadable version is in wordpad format and it is very uncomfortable to read so have to make extra effort to copy and paste it in word to be able to enjoy reading it. The Harry Potter given to me by someone is in pdf version so it is much better to read in. 
Another software that I explored was the 365 project website. I love the idea of posting a picture everyday which then becomes like a diary. I find it quite easy to use. But one thing I am concerned about is the rights to the pictures that I posed. I thought that it will be like facebook and all the other websites on the internet, the pictures you posed are exposed and everyone can take it and used it. So I am thinking twice whether to put up pictures that are personal like where I go and where I stay. So I have to be careful when I posed my pictures. But other than that, it is fun. One thing is to upload one thing everyday. That might be a problem cause I might not bring a camera with me all the time. So I find it is more suitable for people who loves photography but I want to try it out and see the progress after a month. Maybe I might think back and start laughing by myself when I watched it. hahaha…


Comments on: "aM i Learning?" (4)

  1. Haha, Doreen, for sure we ARE learning…I\’ve tried podcasting from open culture as well. Yes, I agree with you that it has limitation but some audio files are worth listening to as they are quite interesting and appealing. The narrators voice are very cheerful and clear.. From your description on the 365 projects, I found that it\’s quite interesting as well. I like the concept of one picture a day! 🙂

  2. One option to ensure that the ebook is interesting is to also upload your ebook and share with others, just like sharing a picture a day. Imagine looking back 10 years from now, hm… wonder how that would feel?

  3. Thanks Prof RM. But until now I only did one ebook by myself. I am scared to upload other people\’s book because it is illegal. I may get caught for that.

  4. Well Mlearn does not meant those high tech stuff, as simple technology like SMS could also be used such as done in African countries where laptops are too expensive and broadband connection is too limited. I like your reflections on audio books & ebook. I always believe that as teachers we need to experience the tool first before implementing it to our students. You are right in your reflection of the 356project pictures rights, and I am glad that you are aware of such matters.

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