Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

"E portfolio is like a digital diary where people record down their journey and their growth in what they are doing. For university students they will write down things concerning their course and what they had learnt from the course. Other than that, eportfolio is a place or a platform where other people can get to know the person better and also understand what the person is doing in their life. It can also be a platform where there can be intellectual discussions and peer learning."
The above was my definition on eportfolio. I would like to admit that I am not a person who fancy technology but I use it for my convinience sake only. I will not go beyond what I think I need. But after so many weeks and learning so many things I start to realize that I am growing to love learning new things. I might not see the need to use it now but it might come in handy next time. I am a very ‘D’ person which stands for dominant. People like me don’t like doing things without a purpose. If we don’t see the purpose then we will not do it or we will hesitate doing it. There is this website where you can download the personality test and see what kind of personality you have.
If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of doing the test, you can go to this website and read up some characteristics of each personality.
I find it very interesting and beneficial for people to know what type of personailty they have so that they know their weakness and they can work on improving their weakness. I learnt that I am a ‘D’ person so I will not do something unless I see the purpose in doing it. It kinda applys to my learning style. If I find something is not interesting and is not going to be relevant to me I will not learn the thing. Knowing that I have this kinda of personality, I am more conscious in jumping into conclusion whether certain things are worth learning or not.
So, I am not a techno person although my big brother is a computer engineer. It actually causes me to dislike learning lots of techno stuff. But after so many weeks and learning so many new things on techno I finally learnt to love it. There are few incidents where I could apply the knowledge that I learnt in class outside in my daily life. Knowing that I can apply what I had learnt had shown me the importance and the purpose of learning all the techno stuff. I guess sometimes my ‘Kia Su’ spirit will spur me to learn things so that I don’t end up being called the frog under the coconut shell. [Sorry, direct translation here] That was one of the reason I want to learn in class.
After so many weeks, I think I nearly got the meaning of eportfolio. The only part that I felt was missing was the intellectual discussion and peer learning. Miss Ng actually asked me how to execute that part. I was thinking in line of discussion where people can discuss about coursework stuff. I think it could be done through comments that people give. But I find that it was not done. Apart from that, peer learning did kinda happened for me. As I was reading other people’s blog, I would get to learn quite some stuff from there. But I don’t know whether others do learn something from my blog. It will kinda depend on people to read my blog and comment on it. I would admit that I did not go to all other people’s blog and read and comment. But I will try my best as it is part of peer learning.
At the end, I don’t think I hit to the very dot and did what I wrote earlier on about e-portfolio but the journey had been fun and I had learnt a lot from it. and the journey has not ended yet. There are lots more to do and a lot more to learn. Oh!!!! The journey will never end! It is a whole new journey again as I learnt from my mistakes and I will now go and make sure I don’t repeat my mistakes.

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  1. Do continue reading your friends entries and give feedback. Suggestion:do it like every 3 days, u spare 1 hour reading e.g. 4 entries (depending on your speed of reading) and give feedback.You have helped your friends by dropping you feedback. Right now, i hope you will learn something along that process.If they have read and commented, I think they may have learnt something. One more thing you may have missed out:Demonstrate competency in learning – 8 % In this section, you can display your learning proficiency (1) through end-product(s) (2) a series of processes / development until the final level (end-product)— your weekly reflection on the classes may not have that much on this section. Hope to see entries on your progress of your part in the video KIT.

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