Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is something very new for me. I thought it is something like a new internet-based kinda of country which requires the people to register to be the citizen. Kinda like a game. So when I found out about what is Digital Citizenship I was shocked!!! I didn’t knew such things exist. I never knew there were ways and rules that we need to follow. So as Prof RM is asking us questions I went online to read whatever information that I can get on this topic. I started reading and evaluating and from there understand a lot of things that I was never aware of it before.
1. Digital Etiquette:   electronic standards of conduct or procedure.
 I find that there are a lot of people who misused the technology and there are lots of time I will come across words that are not appropriate and sometimes very vulgar. I find that this is one thing that I need to bear in mind to impart in my pupils next time so that they will be a polite generation.
2.   Digital Communication:  This is something that we do a lot nowadays. This is considered the in-thing nowaday and not only that it costs lesser to do online conferencing.
3.   Digital Literacy: This is good since it relates to something that we teachers going to do next time. It is sad to say that although we are in the 21st century already but there are still lots of people who are deprived of their basic needs and thus don’t even mention about computer which might be the great luxury for the poor. Other than that, as more and more programs and softwares are being developed there is also the need for the teachers to learn and teach the children. [This is also what this subject is all about!!!]
4.   Digital Access: Everyone should have equal digital access. No child should be deprived of learning through online resources. They should be monitored for the websites they used but not restricted. Certain websites should not be banned for the young children and only allowing beneficial websites.
5.   Digital Commerce: I kinda love the idea of digital commerce but I have heard a lot of stories that is about people’s money being stolen online or credit cards being stolen and used by other unscrupulous people. Nowadays there are lots of youngster opening online boutique and fashion shops which is proven a success. Thus, I am more open to this idea of digital commerce.
6.   Digital Law: This is one thing that is not in people’s dictionary at all since we can see lots of illegal downloading happening online. This does not affect us but the people who produce the works like music, software and etc. I felt that I am also one who is not one who honour and obeys digital laws since I also download lots of software from online. But I felt that the price for softwares should not be too high since it will affect the poor people who cant afford it.
7.   Digital Rights & Responsibilities: WE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHTS TO JUST SAY WHATEVER WE WANT!!! This is true since sometimes we cannot controlled the consequences of the our speech thus we cannot just say whatever we want without regards to the people and things that are going to be affected by it.
8.   Digital Health & Wellness: There is news on people that is being treated for texting too many sms. This is one of the cons in the new digital era. People get so hooked up by the technology that they are constantly using it and in the end affecting their health. That is why there is a need of self-control in everyone to not overuse the technology.
9.   Digital Security (self-protection): This is an important element in this digital era. There is a need to protect ourselves since the digital world is so vast and so prone to dangers that are lurking around corners seeking to destroy us just for the sake of fun for some but some is out to do real harm to others. There are news about college students creating viruses to destroy other people’s work and also thieves who steals people’s identity and also their money.
As we step in a modernised world we need to learn to upgrade ourselves constantly so that we will not be victimised by other people. Other than that, we need to upgrade ourselves for the sake of ourselves! We need to learn about new ways to do things and continue to learn until the day we die.



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