Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

Urm.. am thinking in the back of my mind- Why do I need to do assignments even during my holidays? WHY?
Haiz.. But I had no choice right? So as I browse through my mail and I stumble upon Miss Ng’s email on the task to do after the workshop. I did not bring a camera cause I don’t own one, neither do I have a camera phone. So I decided to ask for pictures from my friends.

These are only two of the facilitators that help to enlarge our knowledge on how to make digital storybooks. There are three main facilitators from outside who taught us for the three hour workshop. They are Ms Mazlina who taught us PhotoScape & Audiocity and Ms Siti Zarina who shared to us about Photo Story 3 and also Ms Caroline. Other than that there are our own facilitators from our own batch of friends. They went around helping us when we had problem. I really like the idea of getting our own ppl to be facilitators because then we had more facilitators to help out when we had problems. This is one great point that I would like to applaud the person who thought of doing it this way.

Moving on to the programmes that had been taught to us. I always feel grateful after every techno class because I learnt lots of new things from each class. This workshop showed me another way of enhancing and making interesting teaching aids that would really come in handy next time. I love all the three softwares that they introduce to us. I espeacially loved the audiocity. LOL… It was to be able to learn how to do different effects on the song itself. I felt all the three softwares are very fun and easy to used. I learn that it is so useful and after the workshop I felt that there is a lot of things I can do to enhance my teaching next time. I felt that I am so out-dated and this workshop and all the techno class help me to get on track and moved away from the conventional way of teaching which is using the whiteboard and flash cards again and again.

I have no complaints basically about the workshop. I felt we can have more of these workshops as I find it is really beneficial and will definately come in handy when we become teachers next time.


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  1. Good that you enjoyed the workshop and found it useful.

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