Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!


I love animation! My little brother is very good at drawing! Very good! =) So I thought animation is for people who only knows how to draw. But I was proven wrong from the moment I set my eyes on Go Animation! I love the things I can do and it does not requires my drawing skills which is honestly NOT GOOD! LOL………

On the other hand, the Goanimate is not flawless. There are still many things that I find that I can’t do like the different shapes of the transition of slides that is in windows movie maker. But overall it still makes me excited to see the end production of the video that I did. =) Not to say it is perfect but I would say it is not bad for me since it is the first try.

I am going to share some of brother’s work here… Feel free to comment on it and I will pass the comments to him so that he can improve!

This is just one of the pictures he drew for me for my birthday!



Comments on: "Animation!" (1)

  1. Good try šŸ™‚ He will be great with lots of practise šŸ™‚

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