Blooming is a long process but I LOVE IT!

The task of the week is here again. Nearly forgot it again. It is not that I hate writing blogs, it is just that I NEED A NEW COMPUTER!!! My dear old laptop had served me well for 4 years but it is slowing down and near to the brink of its death. But what to do, I do not have enough money to get a new one so I just have to bear with it. One more confession I would love to make is that, WINDOWS LIVE SLOWS DOWN MY COMPUTER!!!! That is why I do not go on windows live when I am stuck with my old laptop. (Ok.. I have to stop calling my laptop old, if not the next minute it will be sulking and refused to move) So I have to apologized to my dear friends, it is not that I refused to read your blogs and comment on it but it is just because of the above reasons. Even when i am typing now, the letters will only come out after 2 seconds each time.
Oh… About the title is that I got a lot of things on my plate right now. Uni stuff and also church stuff that I am really stretched beyond what I can imagined so please be patient with me and also try to grace me more. =) I just redo my video but realised it is same as Jong one so I need to redo it again. GREAT right? I guess I am not thinking right already. I even forgot what my groupmate/ roomate did. [ I am DEPRIVED OF SLEEP] So I need to squeeze my brain juice for new ideas! Guess what? I had one already. =) So I am off to do some correction.
To my dear lecturers: Thanks for guiding us and telling us what to do. Moreover you all always provide us with examples and also websites to go to. This is better than throwing us alone and telling us to go find our own way. THANKS A LOT!!!

Comments on: "STRETCH… BUT I WILL NOT BREAK…." (1)

  1. Dhayalakshmi said:

    hey i like your reflection…its short and sweet thus making it easy to read.Between do you remember me??? Hahaha

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