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What’s next???

Shocked!!! This is what I felt when I my friend reminded about the weekly reflection!!! I totally forgot about it! But thanked God I still had time to do that.
Just like what is written as the title aboved, what’s next was the question running through my mind during the last technology class. I never thought that we had to LITERALLY made a video as an assignment. It was a challenge but is one that I would love to work on it. Although I thought it was going to be easy but when the time came for the group to sit down and discussed about the title of the video, we were clueless as to what we should be doing. We were discussing about the different principles and what should we do. At the end we decided and each one is supposed to think about what they want to do in their video. This is the challenging part. I spent quite some time thinking what to do. Other than that, have to think of whether I had the resources to do it or not. Overall I felt it is such a new experience and I hope I can do it well and make sure I give my best!

Comments on: "What’s next???" (7)

  1. SiangShian said:

    You can, dear! I guess we really have to have the TEAM SPIRIT right now, though the video is individual work! Quoting WonderPets: "Apa yang penting? KERJASAMA!" ^^

  2. nursharina said:

    yeah…doreen!! what\’s more IMPORTANT IS HELPING OUT EACH OTHER!!! we can do this!!

  3. wan illina said:

    hahha..i also forgot the part that we have to reflect weekly! and i guess having a video as an assignment is just fun, it maybe a bit difficult to do but i think we will all enjoy doing it! GAMBATTE ne[is it correct] =p

  4. wan illina said:

    btw, i recognize the video…"unpack your adjective" hahhahah…simulated teaching =p

  5. siti nur asmah said:

    Of course you will make a hit doreen! heheheheheh (^_^) Don\’t worry!

  6. Mohd Firdaus said:

    of course it\’s also a challenge for me.

  7. YO, PEEPsss… thanks for all the encouraging words. Will bear that in mind and will continue to work hard and never give up..

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