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Teaching Philosophy

Learning has always been fun and also not fun sometimes. So what kind of teacher will I be next time are one of the few questions posted by some of my friends and leaders I know. So here goes my philosophy in teaching:
I am going to be a teacher who is going to teach my pupils about having a purpose in life.
I do not want to be an average teacher who teach only knowledge of so many different subjects but also to be concern about their emotional and physchological growth.
I also want to be a teacher who is able to prepare lessons properly and also in a fun and exciting ways for my pupils.
I want to be a teacher who advocates patriotism and I will want to educate my pupils to excel in their studies and then work for our own country. NO MIGRATION ALLOWED!!!
After I had seen this video, I am challenge to make a difference in what I am doing. A group of people is able to make tremendous changes. So a COHORT full of 73 teachers with passions would definately change our nation. Let’s pray that all of us would keep this passion for teaching! 
Just like the quote by Margaret Mead:
Never doubt a small group of committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Comments on: "Teaching Philosophy" (4)

  1. no migration allowed? what if other countries provide a platform for one of ur future to shine for our country?

  2. I think Malaysians can go out of the country to study for sure but they cannot simply export themselves out by choosing to stay overseas. There are lots of examples of students who take the country\’s money to further their studies but refused to return and contribute to the country and worst still they choose to escape and ignore paying up for the loan that they took. I do not want to name espeacially what kind of scholarship since lots of people would know who. I feel they are being ungrateful and selfish people who think about themselves only. If there are people who wants to migrate, ASK THEM TO USE THEIR OWN MONEY TO STUDY OVERSEAS AND STAY OVERSEAS!!! Do not deprive people who come from low income family who wants to study and contribute to the country.

  3. Mohd Luqman said:

    but sometime thing like migration cant be avoided..lots of thing happen to everyone..maybe they choose to stay for a reason..aheheh but i still agree with you if the people that choose to migrate for the sake of themselves when they have option to stay..ehehehe

  4. nursharina said:

    we can be great teacher, if we have the strong will power to do that, it\’s not an easy job but i know someday we\’re all going to achieved it..we are here to change the future for the better!

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